Cosmic Ordering Form

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Are you seeing 11:11 on digital clocks?

Find out why by searching 11:11 in your search engine of choice

The Cosmic Ordering Service is a simply but powerful way to get what you want out of life without any kind of luck or special talent. Cosmic ordering is limitless, you can ask for anything, money and wealth, health, a new dream job, a new love, a new car, a new house - whatever your heart desires - simply by asking the Universe. The phenomenon of cosmic ordering was made famous by TV presenter Noel Edmonds and author Barbel Mohr.

Noel Edmonds cosmicCosmic Ordering works by asking the universe (or cosmos) to provide you with the things that you want.

Have you ever noticed why some people have it all? - well it could be due to cosmic ordering - even if they don't realise it - they could simply be manifesting their desires at a subconscious level.

Do you have everything that you want in life?

If the answer is NO then you aren't manifesting your dreams subconsciously - that's why we created the FREE Cosmic Ordering Form. Now you can submit your order via a simple form, type your cosmic order and the date you expect to receive it and that's it!

You must however be very open and positive and not have any attachment to the outcome, try small simple orders to begin with as your mind needs to believe it works - for example ask for a friend you havent spoken to for a while to give you a call. It is just as easy for the universe to provide you with £1,000,000 as it is a penny but both our conscious and subconscious can find this difficult to believe. The key is to start with believable goals, working up towards larger orders allowing your mind to adjust slowly.

Happy Cosmic Ordering!

1 Write your COSMIC ORDER
2Choose the date you EXPECT your COSMIC ORDER to be fulfilled
Look at the order you have written above, believe that you will receive it, feel happy, smile, close your eyes and imagine yourself receiving the order - do this for at least 17 seconds - longer if you can. Try to make the images in your mind large and colourful.

When you are ready click the submit button and look forward to receiving the order on or before the date specified.
4 Submit your COSMIC ORDER
When you Cosmic Order comes true, why not email us so we can publish your success story on the site.

Please include your name and location, if you don't want your name published simply sign it "Anonymous" - We will not publish your email address.